Three Myths Nurses hold about Negotiating Your Way to the Decision Table

Nurses! Don’t Just Stand There, Pull Up a Chair!

Amelia Roberts, RN, BSN Owner of the Business of Nursing

I recently did a podcast with a uniquely-experienced content strategist, marketing solution provider and business wellness fanatic and nurse Amelia Roberts, owner of Solutions by Amelia and Blogger at The Business of Nursing , who reminds us that nurses need to see their voice as very valuable and see themselves as entrepreneurs.

Today I’m going to share with you  briefly the highlights of our conversation: you’ll learn some myths that nurse’s hold about being key partners and a few key points to consider when you are ready to become a thought leader on your favorite “issue” in nursing.  Take a listen to the full podcast to get the best value for how you can become a more influential nurse leader. 

These are some of my personal favorites and ‘aha’ moments of the podcast. Listen as Amelia debunks these myths about nurses getting involved in deeper conversation.

  • Think you have to be unique or unusual
  • Think  you need permission
  • Think you are “just a nurse” or won’t sound smart enough

Three Tips on finding a Way into the Conversation:

1. Find the problem that you love to solve

Find something you don’t have to be paid for and start getting involved.  Volunteer your time, network, go to conferences get to know other people who are doing the same thing

2. Get in the Know!

There is no better time than the present to read up on the issue at hand, know who the power players are and start connecting with them.

3. Start polishing up your resume on social media

In today’s economy, people are finding out about you before the interview so it matters that you appear on social media.  Start investing in your career and get more motivation as your resume and skill set get exposed to more people.

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