I lead with passion, bold enthusiasm, and most importantly by example.  When it comes to approaching uncomfortable topics in nursing, I don’t ask my students do something that I don’t have the courage to do.  I share my stories about nursing, even the times where I felt slighted, or shamed or just fell flat on my face.  My relationship with nursing has endured many iterations from infatuation, to bittersweet, to verging on resignation because I didn’t feel comfortable speaking out about issues that made me or my patients unsafe.  Finally, I realized that I have a distinct purpose in nursing and that is to creating a safe space for nurses to have a deeper awareness of how their individual practice can improve the lives of their patients beyond the hospital room and transcend into their lives and communities as well.  

What makes me who I am is my dedication to my purpose and the atmosphere of support that I provide students who are in my courses.  I am often termed the “eternal cheerleader” because I champion for nurses to take the lead on health policy and education while being involved in civic engagement.  I help nurses make subtle shifts that can bring profound changes and reflections that yield  “aha” moment where they awaken to new insights.  It’s really quite special to watch.  My authentic desire is to co-create, collaborate and build strength in the nursing community through a transformative process that will help you find yet undiscovered joys and new challenges in your profession.