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A Vision for the Future of Nursing: Ten Key Points in History Worth Reminiscing

A Brief Background on Social Justice in the 21st Century To this day in the 21st century, social justice remains ambiguous, if not abstract. Examining its very core in the context of healthcare, especially in terms of theories, we find its deep significance embedded in the very relationship between the nurse and the patient. Social […]

Six Skills Nurses Working for Health Equity Need to Possess

  Dainty was rejected by a nursing school in a southern state in 1960. Her story captures the glaring discrimination faced by African-Americans wanting to become registered nurses at that time. Finally, she was accepted in a ‘‘more liberal college,’’ and had a successful career in nursing. She is now a professor and admits that […]

Four Ethical Obligations of Democratic Nurse Leaders

We’ve heard it all many times during endorsement time, “this patient is a V.I.P.” This translates to an unspoken requirement that nurses respond more rapidly to the patient and his or her significant others, explain procedures and treatments more thoroughly, and even make rounds more often to oversee the patient and his needs. Even management […]

Six Tips to Increase Transcultural Nursing

As nurses, we deal with different cultures day in and day out. We build relationships and connections through the work that we do. The 21st-century nurse, in fact, bridges gaps and cares for different people around the world in a spectrum of settings. It is thus essential that we give importance, honor, and respect to […]

Four Tips on Systems Change needed to be more Impactful Nurse Leaders

  Hi nurse friends! Tell me, What Kind of Systems changes do YOU think we need to be Better Nurse Leaders?  I’m going to do some storytelling and I hope that it gives you some inspiration & ideas that you can take back to your organization.  As you know Transform Nursing is led by the mission […]

Three Myths Nurses hold about Negotiating Your Way to the Decision Table

Nurses! Don’t Just Stand There, Pull Up a Chair! I recently did a podcast with a uniquely-experienced content strategist, marketing solution provider and business wellness fanatic and nurse Amelia Roberts, owner of Solutions by Amelia and Blogger at The Business of Nursing , who reminds us that nurses need to see their voice as very […]

Three Key Points about Cultural Humility and How it Differs from Cultural Competency

Cultural humility allows room for not knowing, which is generally a place of discomfort because nurses want to know it all, and are trained to do so.  It allows room for the patients voice and choice and gives them the option to tell you what they believe.  And because of the nature of humility, it need not feel threatening.   Folk don’t have to feel as though they are being tested on this as a competency.

Three Top Actions of Nurse Empire Builders

Are you an empire builder? And more importantly…how can you be an empire builder as a nurse?  An empire builder is someone who can see and hold a vision for change and then create action that motivates others to pursue the vision as well.  Building an empire in nursing is creating the spirit of revolution! […]