Are you integrating concepts of justice, equity, diversity & inclusion into nursing curriculum? As a nurse entrepreneur with almost 20 years experience in coaching, leading and developing nurses, I help nurse faculty save time & effort by integrating racial justice concepts into their curriculum using a stress-free approach that adequately prepares nursing students to advance efforts to achieve health equity. My stress-free curriculum development approach has shown to add value to 86% of nurse participants.

Three months applying my racial justice curriculum and:

-73% of nurses reported increased confidence in addressing biased care

-80% of nurses shared a renewed commitment to organizational values

-90% were demonstrating traits of quality leadership such as resilience, collaboration and providing effective feedback

The results have been amazing.  My unique process saves you time & effort  because I do the heavy lifting for you.   Feedback received on my approach to teaching racial justice in nursing curriculum has shown to add value to 86% of nursing students who participated in my program.  Nursing students have shared that they felt more adequately prepared  to achieve health equity and became aware of the biases they had.  Nurse faculty have improved active engagement in critical service learning and students are growing. So come on, what are you waiting for? I’ll show you how.