Curriculum Development-“Inclusive Learning Curriculum ”

Amazing racial justice curriculum starts with a commitment to eliminate health disparities through inclusive learning.

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  • If you are not  integrating concepts of racial justice into your curriculum or content for nursing students, how will they learn how to provide equitable care?   As a nurse entrepreneur with almost 20 years experience in coaching, leading and developing racial justice content, I’ve learned the reasons why academic nurse leaders are hesitant to teach racial justice: 

    • Fear of saying the wrong thing
    • Lack of confidence in their ability to adequately teach these concepts
    • Lack of leadership support

    The results have been amazing.  My unique process saves you time & effort  because I do the heavy lifting for you.   Feedback received on my approach to teaching racial justice in nursing curriculum has shown to add value to 86% of nursing students who participated in my program.  Nursing students have shared that they felt more adequately prepared  to achieve health equity and became aware of the biases they had.  Academic nurse leaders have improved active engagement in critical service learning and students are growing. So come on, what are you waiting for? I’ll show you how. 

Coaching- “Transforming, Translating, Innovating”

Because we all need a helping hand along the way.

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  • According to the AACN The Essentials: Competencies for Professional Nursing Education “The integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in this Essentials document moves away from an isolated focus on these critical concepts. Instead, these concepts, defined in competencies, are fully represented and deeply integrated throughout the domains and expected in learning experiences across curricula.” (pg. 5:  As a expert coach for more than 15 years, I use growth mindset techniques to help educators become more skilled at tapping into their authentic lived experiences to create connection to the content and to nursing students. Feedback from my process has shown that academic nurse leaders appreciate and desire practicing these new approaches in a safe and supportive environment.  What better way to practice your skills than with a health equity coach? Coaching provides the support & mentorship to academic nurse leaders who are novices of racial justice approaches.  Instead of working these processes out in isolation, I support them through a coach leadership approach along the journey.  My step-by-step guided approach acknowledges that barriers, and setbacks do happen.  Whether you need direction, feedback or affirmation, I coach you through it all.

Networking & Professional Development- “Revolutionizing Nurse Education”

Scale and accelerate racial justice curriculum implementation with a content library delivered your way with the convenience and independence you want and the support you need.

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  • Let me create a clear pathway toward nurse leadership diversification and achievement for you.  Accelerating nurse culture shifts towards racial justice is essential to the future of healthcare.  Having an on-hand content library allows you to pull resources from reputable sources at your leisure.  Couple a content library with a social network of academic nurse leaders all striving to learn how to teach and practice racial justice and we are well on our way to achieving outcomes of the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Report.  According to the Future of Nursing 2020-2030, we have to develop diverse nurse leaders who can confidently steer multi-sector partnerships with community-based organizations that lead to addressing complex social and structural barriers to achieve health equity. Achieving this outcome requires networking, collaboration and partnership. When nurses participate in my racial justice network, we have found that:

    -73% of these nurses reported increased confidence in addressing biased care

    -80% of these nurses shared a renewed commitment to organizational values

    -90% of these nurses were demonstrating traits of quality leadership such as resilience, collaboration and providing effective feedback.

Online Education

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  • Nurses Influential Leadership Lab
  • Short Courses – Coming Soon!
  • Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit – Coming Soon

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